RP's most celebrated Spiritual Healer visit New Jersey

Fr. Joseph "Joey" Faller, one of the Philippines' top spiritual healers known for his "slaying in the spirit," is conducting a series of healing masses in
the New Jersey area.

Faller, who is spiritual director of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement in the Diocese of Lucena, is in the Garden State this week as part of
his U.S. visit to raise funds for the expansion of Kamay ni Hesus Healing Center in Barangay Tinamnan, Lucban, Quezon. The center, which is visited
by as much as 10,000 pilgrims each week including balikbayans, will soon be proclaimed a national shrine, Faller told the Filipino Reporter.
"Kamay ni Hesus has become the center of spiritual healing in the Philippines and we are doing our best to accommodate as many people as we
possible especially those who come from far flung areas hoping for miracle and healing," he said.
"We're in the process of expanding Kamay ni Hesus to make it worthy of being called a national shrine," Faller said. "Hopefully, it will also be known
as Asia's center of spiritual healing."

Faller kicked off his New Jersey healing masses on Aug. 7 at Comboni Mission Center in Montclair, N.J.
On Aug. 9 (Saturday) at 7 p.m., he will be at St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church on East Blancke St. & Washington Ave. in Linden (908-486-2514).
On Aug. 11, at 7 p.m., he will be at St. Anne's Church at 3545 Kennedy Boulevard in Jersey City (201-936-4009 look for Tina Edelmann).
On Aug. 12, at 7 p.m., Faller will be at St. Anthony of Padual Church at 320 Oak St. in Passaic N.J. (973-777-4793).
On Aug. 13, at 7 p.m., he will be at St. Philip the Apostle Church at 488 Saddle River Road in Saddle Brook, NJ. (973-843-1888 look for Fr. Matthew

Situated in a 2.6-hectare land, Kamay ni Hesus Healing Center is dominated by a church at the foot of a mountain at the peak of which stands a giant
statue of The Ascending Christ which at 50 feet is the third tallest in the world after those in Brazil (90 ft.) and Bolivia (60 ft.). To reach the statue, a
pilgrim will have to trek the mountain stairs (270 steps on the left side and 310 on the right) while tracing the Stations of the Cross.

Hundreds of feet away is the newly-built 35-feet-high Assumption of the Virgin Mary, with Mother and Son facing each other in what is said to be the
first ever "Enkuwentro" in the world. The statue of the Blessed Mother is surrounded by smaller ones representing all the mysteries of the rosary
(joyful, sorrowful, glorious and light).
The churchyard features the Walk of Faith (reminiscent of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame) which immortalizes testimonies and hand/footprints of
those who have been healed, dozens of them. More testimonies in long-hand are pasted on the bulletin board of Fr. Joey’s office, with crutches
hanging on one side of the wall, left behind by cripples who claimed that they have been healed.

Nearby is the newly-built retreat center with an infirmary for patients coming from far-flung provinces from as far as Jolo. It can accommodate a
hundred retreatants and offers cozy individual and family rooms and dormitories, conducive indoor and outdoor sessions venues, and areas that
maintain meditative, reflective, and prayerful atmosphere.

The center's two-year construction in February 2002 started with enormous funds coming from various Filipino communities in the United States
(many of them Quezonians), as well as healed patients, friends and benefactors from Metro Manila. Faller also donated money he inherited from the
family's heirloom to financially sustain the construction of the healing center.

According to Faller, three super typhoons (including Frank) that devastated some parts of Luzon, especially the Bicol Region, have spared the healing
center. He said not a single tree was uprooted in the sanctuary that was on the direct path of the typhoons. Faller and his co-worker, Fr. Angelo D.
Jaballa, believed some divine forces stood guard and protected the mystical and sacred place.

Kamay ni Hesus all started in October 1998, when Faller attended the International Charismatic Renewal Congress (ICCRC) in Rome. Faller and
Charles Whitehead, president of ICCRS, saw a vision of a huge building that was filled with so many people suffering from different ailments. Faller
said he visualized a healing center the sick and spiritually weak a haven where they can celebrate and experience the presence of God.

Faller took the chance of conferring the vision with the former Bishop of Lucena, Ruben T. Profugo, who did not only approve the proposal but also
offered a piece of land in Lucena for the healing center.

Soon, other donations began pouring in. For instance, the magnificent Via Dolora Grotto was donated by a rich businessman who was healed by Faller.
His boyhood dream of caring and healing of the sick, especially those who are neglected and do not have access to the appropriate
health care program, came into reality when another healed patient donated money for the construction of the first-half of a building that houses the
retreat center and the infirmary for the indigent sick pilgrims.

"As long as there are people who seek physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing, and people who will provide assistance to maintain and
sustain the healing center, we will be here for the people especially the helpless and the hopeless," Faller told the Reporter.
Contact persons for Fr. Faller's New Jersey visit are Rufino Faller (908) 241-1915 and Emma Ordiales (973) 614-1185.